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Value Based Negotiation™ (VBN)

How to raise the probability of getting the order by focusing on specific customer needs and applying appropriate negotiation tactics and techniques.


  • Creating and Developing of Customer Confidence – through targeted negotiation approach
  • Higher self confidence – through better and more specific preparation
  • Higher credibility – through a consultative approach in sales
  • Improved Effectivness of Customer Meetings – through better rehearsed preparation of the meeting
  • Improved Meeting Results – through better negotiation techniques
  • Higher probability of winning - through individual, personalised value propositions


VBN is a modular designed workshop for beginners as well as more experienced sales people. The program can be individually taylored and focussed to the specific needs of the individual group.

In small groups, the participants apply the easy to use methodologies on examples from their real life. The corresponding tools make sure that the participants can apply immediately in their daily business what they have learned.

Who should attend?

Value Based Negotiation™ is targeted to sales people, account managers, KAM, and all other functions involved in a complex sales situation.


  • How to focus on the real individual customer needs and requirements
  • How to translate product features and functions into customer value
  • How to show ROI from the customers view point
  • How to argue and prove customer benefit
  • How to develop and apply practice oriented argumentation tools
  • How to conduct and perform customer meetings
  • How to realise and benefit from buying signals
  • How to put pricing into its context by showing person specific benefits
  • How to prepare important customer meetings
  • Feedback-Analysis by video taping enforces impact and sustainability of the training modules


The 3 - days workshop starts at 9 a.m. on the first day and ends at 5 p.m. on the second day.

Preparation of the participants

To maximise the benefits of this workshop the participants complete a short preparation work prior to the workshop. They criticly analyse present practices and define expectations, requirements and areas for improvement.


ITC’s trainers all have a successful selling background and several years of experience in using our methodologies. All information exchanged in the workshop is held in strict confidence.

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The best reference for the success of our training methods are our satisfied customers:

“The best sales training I ever attended, including various trainings during my years in the US. He is a real expert. I would like to take more courses from him.”

Sales Engineer, IT Company

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