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Leading and Coaching™ - (F&C)

How to lead, motivate and develop individuals. How to ensure sustainable application of concepts and tools.

Workshop Benefits

  • Effective Implementation – of training concepts and methodologies to raise hit rate
  • High Trainings-ROI – by use of „Best-Practice“-experiences
  • Leading Acceptance – through effective Coaching and applying the concepts
  • Sustainable Improvement – through integration of the concepts into the daily business
  • Higher Productivity and Motivation – through situation dependent leading
  • Personal Development – through identifying and eliminating of skill deficits and reinforcing of strenghts


Leading & Coaching© supports managers in the implementation of improvements in the sales process and in leading and supporting their teams. The cost of a sales force remain unchanged – whether our new coaching methods are applied or not. The results obtained from this same sales force will however be significantly improved when Management make sure these coaching methods are consequently applied. The workshop provides the manager with tools and methods to increase results and to develop individual and team oriented strategies.

Participants learn how to achieve a sustainable impact by effective leading and coaching. In practice oriented exercises they will train employee conversations and develop structures for meetings and other leading means.

Who should attend?

Managers at all levels, who are responsible for the implementation and development of an effective sales organisation.

Workshop Contents

  • How to raise awareness of the importance of leading a sales organisation more effectively
  • How to help employees to identify and eliminate skill deficits and identify, reinforce and consciously use strenghts.
  • How to build confidence in the team and improve communication
  • To lead effectively according to the situation at the time
  • How to avoid resistance against change
  • How to become a effective coach
  • Basics of effective time management
  • Effective delegating


The 2-day workshop begins on both days at 9:00 and ends at 17:00 on day 2.

Participant Preparation

To maximize workshop benefits, participants are asked to complete a short assignment describing their current coaching practices, and problems encountered.


ITC’s trainers all have a successful selling background and several years of experience in using our methodologies. All information exchanged in the workshop is held in strict confidence.

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