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Coaching the Sales Process™ (CSP)

Ensuring fast implementation, sustained impact and real change

Workshop Benefits

  • Effective implementation – of opportunity management to maximise your win rate
  • Faster return on training investment – with an implementation plan based on best practice
  • Recognition for sales leadership – by leading the process of change though personal example
  • Sustained improvement – by weaving the concepts into the fabric of your organisation
  • Improved productivity and motivation – through coaching instead of controlling
  • More accurate forecasts – through effective opportunity and pipeline reviews
  • Better personnel development – by identifying and resolving individual and team skill gaps


Coaching the Sales Process focuses on the manager’s role in implementing sales process improvements. It provides managers with the tools to improve performance and develop individual and team skills.

Participants learn how effective coaching helps achieve faster implementation, sustained impact on results, and maximum return on training investments. Hands-on exercises focus on conducting effective opportunity and pipeline reviews, performing win/loss analyses, and setting targets for individual development.

Who should attend?

Managers at all levels responsible for implementing effective practices based on the concepts of ITC workshops.

Workshop Contents

  • Understanding the role of coaching in effective sales management
  • Helping sales people identify and resolve skill gaps
  • Conducting effective opportunity and pipeline reviews
  • Identifying the real issues and helping the sales team resolve them
  • Building trust and improving communication within the organisation
  • Performing win/loss reviews to identify the best and worst practices
  • Qualifying opportunities to improve resource utilisation and pipeline quality
  • Avoiding organisational resistance to change
  • Turning initiatives into results
  • Teaching concepts as part of becoming an effective coach


The 2-day workshop begins on both days at 9:00 and ends at 17:00 on day 2.

Participant Preparation

To maximise workshop benefits, participants are asked to complete a short assignment describing their current coaching practices, and problems encountered. Participants apply the workshop concepts directly to ongoing opportunities.


ITC’s trainers all have a successful selling background and several years of experience in using our methodologies. All information exchanged in the workshop is held in strict confidence.

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