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Winning Complex Sales™ (WCS)

Improving your chances of winning through an effective sales process

Workshop Benefits

  • Increase revenue – by improving action plans in live cases
  • Improve win rate – by identifying and eliminating sales process deficits
  • Better teamwork and coaching – using a common language for opportunity management
  • More accurate forecasts – through better control of the sales process
  • Improved resource utilisation – through better qualification and focus on the right projects
  • Maximise long-term impact – by ensuring that the concepts become part of daily practice


Winning Complex Sales™ workshops are designed to help account teams analyse and improve their sales process in current opportunities. Working in small teams, participants create an Opportunity Roadmap outlining a concise strategy and action plan that guides the team to success. The practical, easy-to-implement methodology and supporting tools help participants to quickly incorporate the concepts into daily business, resulting in short and long-term improvements in sales performance.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted at sales professionals. For optimal results, complete opportunity teams should attend, including account managers, sales managers, pre-sales specialists, and consultants.

Workshop Contents

  • Understanding a customer’s formal and informal decision making process
  • Developing personalised value propositions based on customer needs
  • Improving opportunity team communication
  • Gaining trust and credibility at multiple levels in the customer’s organisation
  • Gaining access to the customer’s complete buying center
  • Securing the sale and accelerate the buying process using compelling business cases
  • Obtaining customer commitment to a joint action plan for the sales process
  • Improving project qualification to determine which opportunities to focus resources on
  • Analysing wins and losses to prevent poor sales practices from being repeated
  • Managing selling time to achieve short, medium and long-term goals
  • Staying ahead of the competition by converting training into action


The 2 - days workshop starts at 9 a.m. on the first day and ends at 5 p.m. on the second day.

Participant Preparation

To maximise the benefits of this workshop, participants complete a short assignment in which they analyse wins and losses and describe their current position in 1-2 important opportunities. Participants apply the workshop concepts directly to the opportunities submitted.


ITC’s trainers all have a successful selling background and several years of experience in using our methodologies. All information exchanged in the workshop is held in strict confidence.

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