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Customer Orientation™ (VBS 3)

Generating new sales opportunities through professional customer services and support


  • Use of synergies – through more effective and efficient customer contacts
  • New sales opportunities – through uncovering of sales potential in the customer base
  • Higher confidence level – use of good existing contacts for sales puroses
  • Better sales support – through a systematic approach
  • Convincing appearance – through exercises in practice orientated role games


Customer orientation™ Workshops help support people to optimise their active contribution to the development of their companies business. Participants learn how to discover potential needs and how to create demand. They learn how to represent their company with apropriate and convincing appearance. They learn the importance of argueing customer benefits. This brings them into the position to initiate additional business (Cross-Selling, Up-Selling).

In small groups participants develop the right tools to focus on customer benefits and to create and develop demand. They learn how to deal with objections and how to use buying signals. The practice-orientated, easy-to-use methodology, the use of the tools and the practice in rolegames with video-analysis ensure a quick and easy implementation in their daily business.

Who should attend?

Customer Orientation™ is targeted to all employees with customer contact (Project Leader, Customer Services, Support, Logistics), who have an impact on customer satisfaction and can therefore influence your chances of generating additional business.


  • How to evaluate the current situation and identify sales opportunities
  • The right appearance in front of the customer
  • How to represent the own company attractively
  • How to handle complaints and use them for additional business
  • How to prepare customer meetings
  • How to focus arguments on customer benefits
  • How to develop value propositions and USP’s
  • How to realise and interpret body language signals.
  • How to put the right questions and listen actively to receive the desired information
  • How to recognize buying signals


The 2-day-workshop starts at 9 a.m. on the first day and ends at 5 p.m. on the second day.

Preparation of the participants

To maximise the benefits out of this workshop, the participants do a short preparation work prior to the workshop. They criticly analyse present practices and define expectations, requirements and areas for improvement.


ITC’s trainers all have a successful selling background and several years of experience in using our methodologies. All information exchanged in the workshop is held in strict confidence.

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The best reference for the success of our training methods are our satisfied customers:

“The best sales training I ever attended, including various trainings during my years in the US. He is a real expert. I would like to take more courses from him.”

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