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Challenges in Sales

The biggest challenge for Management today is to achieve more sales with less resources. The quality of sales people and the sales process is therefore key to success. Our experience shows that in 8 out of 10 failures the reason lies in sales behaviour of the sales person and in mistakes made during the sales process.

Typical failures are

  • Sales talks to persons without influence on the decision
  • Focus is on price instead of customer value
  • Salesmen miss the correct point in time when to enter the buying cycle of the customer

This results in unexpected failures, inaccurate sales forecasts, high discounts, wasted resources and missed sales targets.

Key areas of necessary improvement

"What are the key parameters in your sales organisation and your customer relationship management that need improvement?"

When asking managers this question, we always come across the same answers:

  • The proportion of low margin orders is too high.
  • Virtually safe orders are lost at the last moment without apparent reasons.
  • The key buying influencers on the customer side are not identified (or identified too late).
  • Established customer contacts are blocking the way through to the right person.
  • The sales process is run by the customer and not by the sales team.
  • Business opportunities with existing customers are not fully exploited.
  • ‘Safe’ long-term customers wander off.
  • Service departments (engineering, sales support) are not maximising the potential for additional business.
  • There has been little or no benefit from Sales and Customer Relationship Seminars.

All these answers indicate various weaknesses in the Sales Process, Selling Strategy and Customer Relationship Management.

It is at these specific points that we start with our services to optimise your Sales Process and Customer Relationship.

Our Approach

First we identify strenghts and weaknesses by using checklists. We carefully analyze recent successes and failures. Direct interviews with the participants make sure our solution is tailored to their needs. The implementation is supported by coaching and easy to use tools. Meaningful designed workshop-series – with time intervals in between – ensure sustainability of implementation.

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Our training modules

In order to optimize your processes, we have a number of modules which can be tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

Value Based Selling

Concepts and workshops for more success in sales

Value Based Presentation

Improves the acceptance of presentations, proposals and offers

Value Based Negotiation

More success through focusing on customer needs

Winning Complex Sales

Maximizing your chances of winning in actual and future sales projects

Coaching the Sales Process

Helps implementing process and concepts quick and sustainable

Developing Strategic Accounts

Improves sales and customer retention

Leading and Coaching

How to lead, motivate and develop individuals
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Who has been trained in our concepts?

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Our clients

How customers speak about us

The best reference for the success of our training methods are our satisfied customers:

“The best sales training I ever attended, including various trainings during my years in the US. He is a real expert. I would like to take more courses from him.”

Sales Engineer, IT Company

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